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Most negative emotions are caused by restless and involuntary thoughts. Feelings are the body's reactions to these compulsive thoughts. Many mental problems disappear when thoughts stop telling their old stories.

Fear disappears when your thoughts stop creating future negative situations that your body reacts to as if they were a present reality.

Healing is the restoration of our integrity, the dissolution of all previous duality.

Healing involves living with the fears created by our self-created boundaries between the true self and sharing the self.

Healing also means acknowledging and consciously dealing with the Self and the Other, the Self and the world, the Self and God.

Restless thinking of most people happens involuntarily and compulsively. They are tormented daily by the voices in their heads that never stop.


Why seminars for children and teenagers? What used to be different than today? What challenges do children today have to cope with that did not exist during our youth?

Computers, Gameboy, mobile phones, SMS, addictive drugs, stress, antidepressants for children, etc. have become buzzwords with which our children are confronted on a daily basis. Joy, communication, movement, joyful learning and personality development are increasingly receding into the background.

According to press reports, the effects are: increased aggression, vandalism, readiness to use violence, a partial "zero jack generation" with increasing disorientation in society.

Power for the youth and become successfully adult are seminars the young humans in the age starting from 14 to 21 years help to concern themselves again with the topics, which contribute to a balanced, joyful and consolidated personality.


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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

(Walter Elias „Walt“ Disney)



Your Life is Your Message.

(Mahatma Gandi)

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

(Paulo Coelho)

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