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Burnout - Burnt out...

The burnout syndrome is a condition characterized by mental and physical exhaustion.

Burnout is an emotional exhaustion and the feeling of overtaxing, reduced performance satisfaction due to a discrepancy between expectation and reality.

Burnout is the final state of a process of idealistic enthusiasm about disillusionment, frustration and apathy.

Burnout syndrome is not considered a disease, but a problem related to difficulties in coping with life.

During a burnout, the cells do not have enough vital substances to counteract the pressure to perform, whether from outside or caused by themselves. By specific addition of vital substances a burnout can be counteracted.

However, this alone is hardly enough.


Why prevention is important...

This abrupt exit from a life one can no longer cope with is not the burnout syndrome itself.

Exit is the end point of a long process that progresses in many stages. At each stage, standstill and reversal are also possible. However, at an advanced stage this is no longer possible by one's own efforts.

Eyes closed and through is a very healthy reaction in temporary stress situations.

If the pressure does not decrease after a few days, weeks or months, if you are in a hamster wheel that does not stop or slows down, then it becomes dangerous.

We will show you new ways to restore harmony.


Aftercare - Follow-up Care for Burnout Persons

After a burnout or during it, it is important for the person to recognize their own condition, like a pupated caterpillar waiting to become a butterfly.

In our centers, man has these possibilities to re-experience himself by realizing that there is nothing to "do" but be.

When this time is completed, this person will be able to free himself from the attachments just as the butterfly frees himself from the cocoon.

He will do it alone, in the right environment.


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