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Retreats in the Canary Islands

Our retreats are as individual as our guests.

From individual treatments to group events, the guest can decide completely according to his needs, even for doing "nothing".

The wellness and relaxation area in the centres is ideal for complete relaxation.

Retreats and seminars are offered for every generation and age group. These include, for example: Yoga, fasting, inner harmony, nature and environment as well as conscious vegan nutrition.

Also for you as organizer we offer very special possibilities in a protected framework.

Your sensitive courses remain isolated from the outside world, which guarantees a completely undisturbed course.

We plan the first events after purchasing the 1st centre.

If you have already registered with us as an interested party, we can inform you in good time for the start.


Holiday Camp is aimed at families with children and teenagers.

Whether you need to relax with or from your children, here you will always find a complete offer that combines hamony, joy, fun and play.

Children and teenagers with handicaps are always welcome in our centres. For this, there are special team players that adapt to your needs and those of your child.

You can also register with us in advance as an interested party, whether private, club or public institution, so that we can inform you in time for the start and coordinate what is possible.

If you are planning a career change and are interested in youth and child care, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will then inform you in good time about your personal opportunities as a team player, the planned locations and the opening date of the first Avidaa Europe Centre.


Silent Retreats in our Centers - More than Just Silence

You learn to focus your attention on the inner silence.

  • Your consciousness to recall what you have taught: to listen to the inner as well as the outer noise.

  • You will learn to turn this movement around and to direct your consciousness towards inner and outer silence.

You will free yourself from the noise of thoughts and learn that you are not your thoughts, but that they come only from your mind which tells you stories.

You become your own observer of your thoughts and recognize your true being.


Avidaa Project

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

(Walter Elias „Walt“ Disney)



Your Life is Your Message.

(Mahatma Gandi)

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

(Paulo Coelho)

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